Tuesday 26 October 2010

Kathie Murphy - contemporary jewellery

Can you describe your work and what makes it unique ?
My work is colourful, cast resin jewellery, completely designed, made and coloured by me to my own formula. This particular work is only on sale in Sussex twice a year.

What materials do you use and how ?
I use mainly polyester resin and silver. The thermo-setting plastic comes as a liquid, to which I add my own mix of colour and a catalyst. I design and make the moulds in which it is set. More information on this process can be found in my book published by A&C Black! 

Are there any complicated processes involved in your work?
The process is not so much complicated as hazardous, creating fumes and dust, as well as being labour intensive. 

What or who inspires you ? 
I am inspired by everything and all sorts, particularly colour, form and light

Where do you work ? Can you describe your studio ?
I work in a compact converted garage, surrounded by pictures, tests and half-made pieces, waiting for the elves to finish them off.
When did you know you wanted to be an artist/ designer/ maker?
I remember seeing a jeweller working when I was 8 and being fascinated. From the age of 14 I took evening classes at The Workshop in Lewes and from then on never considered doing anything else.

What route did you take to becoming an artist/ designer/ maker?
Evening classes, foundation at Brighton, degree in jewellery at Middlesex Poly and post grad at Glasgow School of Art
What do you like, love, hate about Lewes ?
I like the fresh air, I love the horizon and I loathe car-driving adults who cycle on the pavement !

What's your favourite pursuit, apart from your artwork?
Gardening, cycling, films and food

What was your last art/craft purchase ?
A piece by a former student of mine who has just graduated from the Royal College of Art

Whose work would you really like to own ?
That of friends, Issey Miyake, Christopher Kane, Lucie Rie and Giovanni Corvaja

Who has influenced you most in your life ?
Jonathan Swan

What's your favourite book/ website ?
Ashley book of knots and BBC iplayer/weather

What are you currently listening to on your ipod/cd/stereo?
Radio 4's 'A history of the world in 100 objects'

What would you like to find in your Xmas stocking ?!
An all expenses paid trip to Iceland or Sweden to see the Northern Lights, an I-Pad with the brushes app but more realistically some Brittany salted caramels and a Moroccan clementine.

Some more of Kathie's work can be seen here

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