Monday 22 November 2010

Angels with Attitude

It’s 4th December, and you’re wafting happily round the Artists & Makers Fair, delighting in the superb goods on offer. It’s all rather blissful as you find those unique presents your friends and family will adore, sample ambrosial cakes and gaze upon divine artwork [you’re overdoing it slightly – Ed]. Then you become aware of beautiful singing, like the voices of angels. Yes, it really is as if you are in heaven. For Angels with Attitude will be serenading you as you browse.

Angels with Attitude are a Lewes-based acapella choir, famed for their fine harmonies. They’re an informal group made up of people who simply love singing. For the Artists & Makers Fair they promise songs with a Christmassy theme – angels and stars – as well as possibly a small amount of Abba. They’ll be there before lunch, so come along and be transported, uplifted and generally sprinkled with tinselly magic.

Beth Miller, 18th November 2010

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