Monday, 29 November 2010

Fabrica by lizzy rose

Tell us about your work 
My work involves finding stylish vintage chairs and reupholstering them in bold and beautiful fabrics. I am particularly drawn to chairs from the sixties and fifties, or occasional chairs that have a classic or iconic shape recognisable from a certain period.
Just what is it about chairs ?
There’s something I love about chairs. There are so many beautiful shapes and the fact they need to be dressed in fabric is where I get really excited as I just love the variety of colours and textures involved in working with textiles.
How do you make your chairs ?
I strip the chairs down, removing all the old fabric, sanding back the wooden frame if necessary, taking away the old stuffing, padding and webbing. Depending on the condition of the chair I may or may not re-use existing fillings, sometimes washing the horse hair. I use traditional upholstery methods when revamping a chair. Everything is hand stitched and hand finished to a very high standard.
What sort of fabrics do you use ?
I’m not restricted to using fabrics specifically intended for upholstery as I like to have a free rein on any type of fabric. I love vintage finds and regularly trawl antiques fairs. I also love anything that has a luxurious texture like wools and silks, and anything with an unusual weave or interesting pattern.
What makes your work different ?
I love contrasting different patterns and textures in one chair, perhaps with silk piping or vibrantly coloured buttons to create even more contrast. All my pieces are unique and I want them all to make a bit of a statement, a work of art in a piece of furniture. A bold statement, but I like to think so.
Where do you work ?
I have just moved into a shared studio space in central Lewes which is small and cosy and completely suits my needs. I don’t need much – a table, sewing machine and my tool bag. Add to that a chair and gorgeous fabrics and then I get started. I am hoping to sell through independent shops in Lewes, Brighton and beyond as I am now able to dedicate more and more time to my work as my younger daughter is attending nursery school.
How did you get to where you are now ?
I haven’t always been a maker. I used to develop products for habitat before I had children. That’s where my love of beautiful things for the home comes from I suppose. After my second child I realised I couldn’t go back to working in London and I thought long and hard about what I could do that didn’t involve completely retraining. Lewes is such a great place to be if you want to start up in a creative capacity and I feel very lucky to be able to indulge this interest of mine.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Angels with Attitude

It’s 4th December, and you’re wafting happily round the Artists & Makers Fair, delighting in the superb goods on offer. It’s all rather blissful as you find those unique presents your friends and family will adore, sample ambrosial cakes and gaze upon divine artwork [you’re overdoing it slightly – Ed]. Then you become aware of beautiful singing, like the voices of angels. Yes, it really is as if you are in heaven. For Angels with Attitude will be serenading you as you browse.

Angels with Attitude are a Lewes-based acapella choir, famed for their fine harmonies. They’re an informal group made up of people who simply love singing. For the Artists & Makers Fair they promise songs with a Christmassy theme – angels and stars – as well as possibly a small amount of Abba. They’ll be there before lunch, so come along and be transported, uplifted and generally sprinkled with tinselly magic.

Beth Miller, 18th November 2010

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kathie Murphy - contemporary jewellery

Can you describe your work and what makes it unique ?
My work is colourful, cast resin jewellery, completely designed, made and coloured by me to my own formula. This particular work is only on sale in Sussex twice a year.

What materials do you use and how ?
I use mainly polyester resin and silver. The thermo-setting plastic comes as a liquid, to which I add my own mix of colour and a catalyst. I design and make the moulds in which it is set. More information on this process can be found in my book published by A&C Black! 

Are there any complicated processes involved in your work?
The process is not so much complicated as hazardous, creating fumes and dust, as well as being labour intensive. 

What or who inspires you ? 
I am inspired by everything and all sorts, particularly colour, form and light

Where do you work ? Can you describe your studio ?
I work in a compact converted garage, surrounded by pictures, tests and half-made pieces, waiting for the elves to finish them off.
When did you know you wanted to be an artist/ designer/ maker?
I remember seeing a jeweller working when I was 8 and being fascinated. From the age of 14 I took evening classes at The Workshop in Lewes and from then on never considered doing anything else.

What route did you take to becoming an artist/ designer/ maker?
Evening classes, foundation at Brighton, degree in jewellery at Middlesex Poly and post grad at Glasgow School of Art
What do you like, love, hate about Lewes ?
I like the fresh air, I love the horizon and I loathe car-driving adults who cycle on the pavement !

What's your favourite pursuit, apart from your artwork?
Gardening, cycling, films and food

What was your last art/craft purchase ?
A piece by a former student of mine who has just graduated from the Royal College of Art

Whose work would you really like to own ?
That of friends, Issey Miyake, Christopher Kane, Lucie Rie and Giovanni Corvaja

Who has influenced you most in your life ?
Jonathan Swan

What's your favourite book/ website ?
Ashley book of knots and BBC iplayer/weather

What are you currently listening to on your ipod/cd/stereo?
Radio 4's 'A history of the world in 100 objects'

What would you like to find in your Xmas stocking ?!
An all expenses paid trip to Iceland or Sweden to see the Northern Lights, an I-Pad with the brushes app but more realistically some Brittany salted caramels and a Moroccan clementine.

Some more of Kathie's work can be seen here

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ed Boxall joins Artists and Makers in Lewes, 4th December 2010

Ed Boxall creates original prints and beautifully illustrated, magical picture books to lose yourself in.

Trained at Hull and St Martins, Ed's unmistakable images - woodblocks, lino-prints, etchings and drypoints - are made on an old mangle, creating visual poetry for both children and adults.

Ed's inspirations include family life, play, memories, dreams and daydreams, and romanticism and he aims for ' a deep sense of quiet solitude' in his work.
His illustrations tap into children's innocence and optimism and are imbued with fairytale and fantasy. His work has graced magazines, museum leaflets and theatre programmes, but his first love is for his independent printmaking and self-publishing.

"I love getting my hands books are a labour of love."

Ed's imprint, the pearbox press, produces books such as the Storm Tree Stories inspired by childhood rural holidays and adding dreams to the mix.  Ed has also written and illustrated five children's books for Walker and his stories have been read on Tikkabilla on the BBC. 

Monday, 13 September 2010

Artist & Makers 2010

Artists & Makers fair returns for the third year to a new venue. This year we are occupying the brilliant open space of the Foundry Gallery, North St, Lewes on December 4th from 10am to 4.30pm and aim to fill it with the spirit of Christmas.

The Artists & Makers fair offers a chance to purchase contemporary design, craft and art from highly original local makers and designers across all media. With jewellery, furniture, ceramics, textiles, clothing the fair offers beautiful handcrafted objects to suit everyone's taste and budget.

This site will showcase designers and artists who will be at the fair and provide updates on some of the stalls and attractions that will also be there on the day creating a winter wonderland just ready for Christmas.