Tuesday 12 October 2010

Ed Boxall joins Artists and Makers in Lewes, 4th December 2010

Ed Boxall creates original prints and beautifully illustrated, magical picture books to lose yourself in.

Trained at Hull and St Martins, Ed's unmistakable images - woodblocks, lino-prints, etchings and drypoints - are made on an old mangle, creating visual poetry for both children and adults.

Ed's inspirations include family life, play, memories, dreams and daydreams, and romanticism and he aims for ' a deep sense of quiet solitude' in his work.
His illustrations tap into children's innocence and optimism and are imbued with fairytale and fantasy. His work has graced magazines, museum leaflets and theatre programmes, but his first love is for his independent printmaking and self-publishing.

"I love getting my hands dirty...my books are a labour of love."

Ed's imprint, the pearbox press, produces books such as the Storm Tree Stories inspired by childhood rural holidays and adding dreams to the mix.  Ed has also written and illustrated five children's books for Walker and his stories have been read on Tikkabilla on the BBC. 

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  1. What a beautiful image. Very interesting blog, I look forward to reading new posts when they are added. Mandy