Monday 7 November 2011

Art & craft inspired by nature available at Artists & Makers, 12th November

The Artist & Makers fair to be held at Lewes Town Hall on November 12th is strongly inspired by the natural world this year.  The beautiful autumnal themes of our artwork (many thanks to John Hamilton) are picked up in the Wild Wood Cafe, which is being designed by Vintage & Made with moss, glass, wood and animal imagery.  Many of this year's stall holders are also inspired by the natural world including Jo Crowther who declares "I am in my element in the landscape" and the light and form of the landscape inspire her striking photography.

Helen Brown works outside, directly from the landscape  on to wooden blocks that she prints from in her studio, while Liz Jameson's landscapes are inspired by growing up in Sussex.  Sally Cochrane's artwork,cushions and accessories are made from a range of natural and found fabrics where print effects form a base for hand and machine stitching, highlighting features of landscape  from both real and imaginary environments. Come along on Saturday and find the piece that fits into your own home landscape!

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